CASA of the 8th Judicial District

5K Map

The Gentile Family

     Our 2nd Annual Run For the Child 5K race was a success.    Race results are available on our 5K Results page.  Congratulations to all of our runners!!! 





Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Total Care Dentistry

Dr. McGary

Lynn & Ray Kruse

UMB Bank in Abilene

B & J Bail Bonding


     The race will begin in South Park (where you see the green runner).  Participants will run out of the park to St. Mary's Road.  They will take a right on St. Mary's Road and follow it until they turn right onto Skyline Drive.  From Skyline Drive they will turn right onto Highland Drive and then continue to the right on Highland Drive.  Participants will then turn left onto Cypress Street and continue until they turn left onto Crest Hill Drive.  They will then turn left onto Skyline Drive and return to South Park where they will run on the trail until the race is completed.  For those participants that were a part of last year's race, this is the same route.  The Award Ceremony will take place within South Park at approximately 8:45 A.M.

2017 2nd Annual Run For the Child 5K